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The EAN is the organisation that unites and supports neurologists across the whole of Europe. Currently, 47 European national neurological societies as well as 800 individuals are registered members of the EAN. Thus the EAN represents 25.000 European neurologists.The EAN was founded during the Joint Congress of European Neurology in June 2014 by the former EFNS and ENS.

Executive Committee

F. Fazekas, Graz/Austria

President Elect
C. Bassetti, Bern/Schweiz

Past President
G. Deuschl, Kiel/Germany

Secretary General
M. de Visser, Amsterdam/The Netherlands

E. Moro, Grenoble/France

EAN Head Office Vienna
Breite Gasse 4/7
1070 Vienna/Austria
Tel.: +43 1 889 05 03
Fax: +43 1 889 05 03 13